Rise Above! the Influence - The Phoenix

Event Details

A Community CrossFit Workout

Join us for a special group CrossFit workout created by the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility’s “ABOVE!” Recovery program and in partnership with Redemption Road, to raise awareness about recidivism and those incarcerated.  Phoenix chapters, groups, individuals, and partners will be participating in this workout across the country on October 16 at 9 am MDT (Mountain Time), connected as a community through our live stream platform. 

What you can expect:

You can join us from your gym or your living room! Register here, and you will receive an email with a Zoom link on October 16th for this live streamed event.

We will kick off this live streaming event at 9am MDT (note time zone, as participants will be nationwide).

Hear welcoming remarks from The Phoenix and special guests to bring awareness to our justice impacted team members, and the ways The Phoenix and partnering organizations are supporting their recovery.

Participating groups will begin their own workouts, while a Phoenix virtual coach will take the mic and guide members at home through the workout. While we all work, you’ll have the opportunity to cheer on your teammates across the country! When instruction is given to virtual participants, sound will be muted so that the coach is able to instruct and demonstrate each movement and provide options for all levels.

The Workout:

Thank you to ABOVE! Recovery for this workout. ABOVE! is an inmate-run program for individuals experiencing addiction; offering classes, treatment, and support during and after their time of incarceration.

If you are attending the workout on zoom, your coach will provide instruction, options, and demonstration for each movement. The workout is posted below for information purposes only; participants will be guided on the day of the event.


“The Xrucible” (At-Home Version)

Death by odd-object deadlift (milk jugs, sandbag, dumbbells get creative!) & Burpee over odd object

4 rounds of 13 bent over row & 13 double under/jump rope/jump

Odd object “Grace” – 30 odd object clean and jerk/ground to overhead

20-minute time cap