Chad 1000x Veterans Day Challenge - The Phoenix

Event Details

In Partnership with GORUCK

Join us for a special Veterans Day workout to raise awareness around Veteran Mental Health.

To participate, simply register using the link above!  Once registered, you can head over to the CHALLENGE FACEBOOK GROUP to connect and cheer each other on.

In partnership with GORUCK, Phoenix members will be doing the CHAD1000x workout in honor of Navy Seal Chad Wilkinson who took his life on October 29, 2018. The workout is 1000 step-ups for time and can be adjusted for all levels or done as a partner/group workout. An instructional video will be posted in the CHALLENGE FACEBOOK GROUP, which will offer options for all levels.

You can complete the workout anytime throughout the challenge leading up to Veterans Day: November 1 through November 11. Starting mid-October, select fitness classes on The Phoenix Virtual Platform will be featuring workouts following the GORUCK CHAD 1000X TRAINING PROGRAM, specially designed to prepare you for the main event! Look for “CHAD1000x Prep” under participating workouts.

Chad Wilkinson’s wife, Sara, made this INCREDIBLE VIDEO describing the workout, as well as her WHY.

GORUCK created a patch and tee shirt for the official CHAD1000x event, with all proceeds dedicated to support Veteran Mental Health Initiatives.  If you want to learn more or feel compelled to donate, CLICK HERE.

“My husband, Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson, served honorably for 21 years. When Chad took his life he had everything to live for: myself and our children, extended family, his fellow brothers and our community.

This is a silent disease where symptoms, triggers and warnings are often recognized too late. Chad is not alone, this is a silent epidemic with the enemy sneaking quietly into our homes and it has to stop. We want to use Chad’s life and legacy to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Our hope is to remove mental health stigmas, and encourage people to reach out, one step at a time, no matter who you are.

Our goal is to honor Chad and all Veterans currently struggling this and every Veterans Day moving forward. I hope you’ll join me and our community in doing the Hero WOD named after my husband Chad, supporting Veteran Mental Health Initiatives.” – Sara Wilkinson