Exploring Mindful Creativity - The Phoenix

Event Details

Part One: Thursday, September, 14 | 8-9pm EST, Part Two: Thursday, September, 21 | 8-9pm EST

Hosted by: Catherine Irwin

This webinar series will explore some great recovery tools to support mindfulness. Recovery Month Webinar Series

It will include a time of discussion, meditation, and creative practice. Fancy supplies are not required. Suggestions will be offered and there will be time for us to create together.

Part One: We will explore some mindful art practices. Paper, and coloring goodies (possibly watercolor paints) are suggested but not required to join.

Part Two: We will explore different types of poetry. Paper and pen or pencil are suggested, but not required to join.

Bio: Catherine Irwin is a volunteer with The Phoenix livestream platform. She is passionate about empowering herself and others, sharing intentional creativity practices, and practicing mindfulness. Her favorite activities are cooking, reading, writing poetry, creativity projects, yoga, and being in nature. Catherine’s intention for this year is to experience joy each day. She currently hosts several events on the livestream platform – the Virtual Poetry Club twice a month and the monthly Art Social. Catherine co-hosts the monthly Sober Happy Hour. She loves being a part of The Phoenix community!

Part One: https://thephoenix.org/find-a-class/live-streaming/a5J6T000002MfaUUAS/

Part Two: https://thephoenix.org/find-a-class/live-streaming/a5J6T000002MfaVUAS/