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With over 20 million Americans living with substance use disorder, we’re on a mission to help as many people as we can. The Phoenix is building a vibrant community of people in recovery with support, hope, and resilience. As a Phoenix volunteer, you can be an invaluable part of making that happen!

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As an Event Leader, you’ll share the talents and activities you’re most passionate about. From starting a running club in your area to leading a meditation class, you can help us grow and enhance our sober active community. As an Event Supporter, you’ll bring your enthusiasm and leadership skills to drive Phoenix culture, enact community standards, and ensure in-person events operate smoothly and provide a world-class experience for our team members.

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By becoming a Phoenix volunteer, you can help individuals in recovery rediscover their inner strength and live the life they want.

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Volunteer FAQs

What do Phoenix volunteers do?

The primary roles are: 1. Leading events: Facilitating Phoenix activities for which you are passionate about and have experience to offer. Certifications may apply based on the discipline. 2. Supporting events: Supporting Phoenix activities for which you are passionate about. Certifications are not required. 3. Outreach: Serving as an ambassador of the Phoenix to promote the impact, mission and events with your circles of influence. Certifications are not required.

What kind of commitment does it take to Volunteer?

We typically ask for a commitment of 2 hours per week for 6 months or more. We understand that’s not always possible, so the Phoenix is willing to work with your schedule to find the best fit. Supporting roles may offer additional flexibility.

Do I need to be in recovery to volunteer?

No. Phoenix volunteers can be peers who have lived experiences through their own recovery journey OR a personal connection to the mission—an ally in the sober community.