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A Call to Rise

We are experiencing the worst addiction epidemic of all time. Today, more than 23 million Americans are suffering from a substance use disorder. Between drugs and alcohol, we lose a loved one to addiction every four minutes…that’s equivalent to a 747-airliner crashing everyday with all lives lost.

Though millions of individuals need treatment for a substance use disorder, less than 10% can access care. Fueled by the opioid epidemic, drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in our country. The 2016 Surgeon General Report on Addiction estimated the financial burden associated with substance use disorders in terms of lost workplace productivity, health care expenses, criminal justice costs and motor vehicle accidents to exceed $400 billion. It is impossible not to be touched by this crisis.

Despite these staggering statistics, there is hope and you can help.

The Phoenix provides recovery support and creates a community that fights the stigma, shame, and isolation of addiction. We help individuals rise from the ashes of addiction and thrive in recovery!

You can help! By fundraising for The Phoenix, you are supporting the recovery community and taking a stand against a disease that is trying to steal lives and hope. Everyday, thousands of people leave treatment or decide to pursue recovery. With your support The Phoenix will be there to welcome them into our tribe.

Every dollar you raise goes towards building our sober active communities around the country.

Phoenix Facts

The Phoenix has served 36,000 People
The Phoenix is in over 40 Communities
  • 1 in 3 families is affected by addiction


  • Every 4 minutes we lose a loved one to addiction.


  • 2 million overdoses since oxycontin came on the market.

  • Over 22 million Americans suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD).