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The Phoenix ethos

We’re all born with intrinsic strength. Although we may face challenges in life, we believe that by coming together and supporting each other we can, like the phoenix, rise from the ashes, unbroken.

  1. 1We honor sobriety and recovery.

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    All we ask is that anyone who participates in Phoenix-led activities has been substance free for at least 48 hours.

    Abstaining from all substances, including not smoking or vaping at Phoenix events, doesn’t just ensure your own safe participation. Whether you’re in recovery, choosing a sober space, or supporting your Phoenix friends, when you show up substance free, you are helping to create a safe and nurturing community for everyone. 

  2. 2We welcome all.

    No matter what you’re rising from, whether you’re in recovery, a supporter, or an ally, The Phoenix’s goal is to create a supportive community that meets anyone, anywhere, wherever they are in life.

    The Phoenix is a haven for anyone who is in recovery from substance use, anyone choosing a sober space, and for anyone who is a friend, family member, or ally of The Phoenix movement. We value every single person and their unique experiences.

    After all, we’re all rising from something, and we believe that diversity is essential to the growth and success of our community. Together, we’re stronger. 

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  3. 3We strive to create safe and inclusive spaces.

    We act and speak in ways that are inclusive and welcoming.

    We want to create an environment where we can be vulnerable, challenge ourselves, and believe in each other — even if we’re still working toward fully believing in ourselves. 

    When we ensure our community is safe and nurturing, we’re all better able to rise in the face of life’s challenges and live our best lives. We support each other and show respect for boundaries, both through our behavior and how we talk to each other.

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  4. 4We rise together.

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    Together, we’re fueling a movement that will change the world.

    Through the power of community and belonging, we are fueling a movement that is changing how society approaches substance use, recovery, and its belief in the intrinsic strength of people. That’s why we need you, when you’re ready and able, to be a part of the movement.

    We all have unique and important gifts, and whether you’re welcoming a new member, sharing your time and talents as a volunteer, or contributing financially, we all rise together. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion statement

DEI asks us to use the power that we have, whatever that may be, to create a space that is set apart from the injustices and inequities of the world we live in. By creating enough of these spaces, we fundamentally make our part of the world more just. Through humility, creativity, and accountability, we seek to create and maintain justice wherever we have impact through equitable policies, processes, and practices, both with our employees and our team members.

Reducing stigma and making space for those who've been left out is essential to our mission within the movement. We celebrate and elevate different voices, perspectives, and people, especially those who have been left to the margins of society. Our work is to center these various experiences to ensure that all Phoenix members, volunteers, and staff are empowered to lift one another up and operate as a model of a better, more just world.