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The Phoenix

Sitting Group: ❖ ( RDO — )

May 16, 1:00 - 2:00 PM • Live Stream


60 min


All Levels





About the event

Peer led addiction recovery meeting. ❖ Sitting Group: Awaken to group meditation, and set the tone for a skillful day. ❖ Recovery Dharma offers an approach to recovery based on Buddhist principles.

Partnership details

Recovery Dharma is a peer-led recovery program using Buddhist principles and practices to support people recovering from addictions of all kinds. We are Buddhist-inspired, not required, and you do not need to believe in anything other than your own capacity to change and heal in order to participate. Anyone is welcome to participate, including people suffering from substance use issues, process addictions, or family and friends of those who are suffering. We are peer-led and do not follow any one leader or teacher. Each sangha (or, meeting community) adds their own unique flavor to their meetings, but each meeting will include the practices of concentration, mindfulness, and awareness. We practice meditation together, share wisdom from the book or a community speaker, and then participate in group sharing to help each other remember the true wisdom inside each of us.

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Phoenix Partner

Phoenix Partner