New Jersey - The Phoenix

The Phoenix’s active recovery community in New Jersey is continually seeking out activities to bond our members and build a sense of camaraderie in sobriety. We host a number of regular events, including yoga, HIIT, CrossFit, book clubs, and social meetups. In addition, our New Jersey members frequently seek out adventures beyond our walls. New Jersey boasts a wide variety of landscapes. From the Jersey shore, with its white sandy beaches, colorful boardwalks, and people-watching; to the Atlantic Coastal Plains, with their pine forests and salt marshes; to the Appalachian ridge, where hiking trails lead to waterfalls and rivers; and Ellis Island, where history buffs can uncover the past. No matter what you’re into, there are probably other sober people who might want to join you. Our community in New Jersey has a lot to explore. We hope you’ll join us for a class or event soon.