Ohio - The Phoenix

Our active sober community in Ohio is committed to helping each other live their best lives in recovery. We host regular events including yoga, strength training, guided meditations, group runs, and social outings. In addition, our Ohio members are continually looking for ways to bond beyond our walls. Ohio is a great place to explore. The state has 20 state forests, borders Lake Erie, has a vast series of rolling plains with deep valleys and rivers, and is home to the Appalachian Plateau. This means there’s a little something for everyone — canyoneering and climbing, hiking and biking, swimming and boating, skiing and snowboarding. No matter which direction you go — North, South, East, or West — you will find something adventurous to do in Ohio. Plus, the art, culture, music, and food scenes are worthy of pursuit. No matter what interests you, there are other sober Phoenix friends who would like to enjoy life with you. We hope you’ll meet some of them at a Phoenix event soon.