The Phoenix, A National Sober Active Community, Hosts 2nd Annual Phoenix Tampa Fit To Be King Fundraising Gala  - The Phoenix

The Phoenix, A National Sober Active Community, Hosts 2nd Annual Phoenix Tampa Fit To Be King Fundraising Gala 

Tampa, FL (February 16, 2023) – The Phoenix, a national non-profit building sober active communities to help people recover from substance use, announces their 2nd annual Fit To Be King, fundraising gala to support those seeking recovery in Tampa Bay. Tampa is the first of the Phoenix Chapters to ever have a local impact board. Last April was the inaugural event showing The Tampa Bay area who The Phoenix is and how they impact the communities they reach. The inaugural event was honoring the legacy of the board’s founding Chairperson, Guy King III. This year we’re honoring Tampa native, community leader, and incredible recovery advocate, Bob Clark.  

“After seeing a family member struggle with alcoholism for years, we saw the importance of twelve-step programs in recovery. We also saw the opportunity to add to the recovery toolbox by bringing The Phoenix to Tampa to support sober active recovery, providing free fitness activities and new friendships with others on the same recovery path,” said Troy and Elizabeth Fowler of the Triad Foundation. “We’ve learned that addiction is a lifetime disease that you have to attend to daily, but it is something you can rise from, recover from, and live with while experiencing the joyful parts of life.  Those in recovery from addiction emerge stronger and are incredibly successful, grateful, and giving individuals. ” 

The founding Impact Board is comprised of local business and community leaders, all either in long-term recovery from substance use or with deep connections to the recovery community. The group includes board chair Evan Brownstein, and board members Troy & Elizabeth Fowler, Nancy Harris, Ross Hays, Ben Heldfond, Cindy Holloway, Owen Chastain, Nikki DeBartolo, Dr. Jim Gillen, Katie Glaser, Jeff Hausinger, Cindy Holloway, Meghan Iacofano, Scott Kilbourne, Tyler Lasher, Sandy Murman, Brooke Palmer Kuhl, Scott Sheinberg, Will Sezna, Elizabeth Stockton, Alex Sullivan, and Taylor Wallace. 

In Tampa Bay, The Phoenix is already hosting free, daily events such as Crossfit, climbing, yoga, book club, skating, meditation, and other activities for those seeking recovery. The only requirement for attendance is 48 hours of continuous sobriety. They’re also beginning to support programming at local treatment facilities. Nationally, The Phoenix has served over 193,186 people in 108 counties across 36 states. 86% of members report remaining sober after participating in their programs. 

Funds raised from the Fit To Be King event will support hiring additional staff and expanded programming. As the first local impact board for The Phoenix, the work done in Tampa Bay will serve as a template for helping other communities to expand the presence of The Phoenix and fight the scourge of addiction across America. According to the Tampa Bay Partnership, nearly three people die every day in Tampa Bay from an opioid overdose, and there is an opioid overdose rate here 50.5% higher than the national average. Together, we can change those statistics and help those struggling to rise, recover, and live.  

About The Phoenix 

The Phoenix is an innovative nonprofit organization that helps people recover from substance use disorder and heal by leveraging the intrinsic transformative power of social connection and activity. Through group fitness, meditation, running, climbing, hiking, dance, and other meaningful activities, The Phoenix combats the isolation, shame, and hopelessness that often surrounds substance use and perpetuates relapse.                                               

Events at The Phoenix are FREE to anyone with at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety. By meeting each person where they are and believing in them until they can believe in themselves, we create an environment where healing happens and recovery flourishes. We help thousands of individuals rise every day from the ashes of addiction and find the hope and support they need to thrive in recovery. 

Join us as we expand their mission in Tampa Bay.