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Top Sober Communities To Support Your Sobriety This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! For some, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, the holiday season can be a challenging time for those who are on the path of recovery.  

Are you traveling for the holidays and won’t be able to participate in your usual activities?   Remember, you’re not alone in your commitment to sobriety this holiday season! At The Phoenix, we support all pathways of recovery and firmly believe that together, we are stronger. Here are a few of our favorite online communities for sober support. 

Online Sober Communities to Check Out This Holiday  


If you’re searching for an online community that periodically hosts live events throughout the country,Soberocity might be a good fit. The Soberocity Group has recently expanded to Facebook and is open to anyone with an interest in gaining or maintaining sobriety. Soberocity also hosts virtual panels, roundtable discussions, open mic nights, and much more. Whether you’re sober curious, new to recovery, a sober companion, or have been in recovery for years – Soberocity welcomes you. 

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART)

SMART Recovery is an international network of peer-support groups that address substance use disorders and eating disorders. 

SMART Recovery employs a 4-Point Program to help community members build and maintain motivation, cope with impulses, and live a more balanced life. The free online tools offered by SMART Recovery include educational resources, a forum, live chat, an app, and over 40 weekly sessions.

The plan provides you with the skills you need to tackle recovery head-on while still having a support structure in place.

In The Rooms

In The Rooms links people worldwide with others in recovery through live meetings and discussion groups. During the COVID-19 pandemic, participants relied on these online resources as an alternative and still offer the benefits of an online community today. 


Soberistas is a worldwide network of like-minded individuals seeking a life free of alcohol. Soberistas provide a variety of ways for its 67,500+ members to communicate, including chat rooms, forums, and even a book club. Forum discussions include everything from tips on dealing with family and friends, to how to find a meetup anywhere in the world. Testimonials, tales, and webinars from members in recovery are also available on the website.

Soberistas offers a 7-day free trial, and membership options start at around $25 for 3 months. 


The Loosid App is a community for individuals who want to prosper and have fun while staying away from alcohol and other substances. Loosid provides sober guides, a Boozeless Concierge, and even an app that helps promote friendships, networking, and even dating while living a sober lifestyle.

The Loosid Community is a curation of chat groups within the Loosid App designed to help people build a sober community in their area. If you’re looking to build a local community or find a sober community while you’re traveling, The Loosid Community is for you. 

The Phoenix

The Phoenix has plenty of online fitness resources to help you stay active during the holidays as you find inspiration in the over 26,000 members strong Phoenix community. This recovery path features online fitness exercises such as yoga and meditation, dance, and full-body workout. 

The Phoenix fosters human connection through physical, mental, and spiritual fitness to rebuild the wounded bodies and spirits following substance abuse. The mantra? “Together, we are stronger.” 

Finding help when you’re dealing with an addiction or alcoholism may be difficult and daunting. Friends and family members may assist. But a structured group or program can provide a strategy that will help you keep on track toward your recovery objective. 

Our goal at The Phoenix is to create a sober, active community that fosters resilience and utilizes the transformative power of connection.

At our online facilities, we provide a choice of indoor fitness alternatives and group activities. Want to stay active this holiday and connect with others who are on the same path as you? Please take part in an online lesson or a group activity and remain engaged with us.