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Why It’s Important to Maintain Community After Sober Living

Living in recovery is about more than avoiding substances; it’s about rebuilding your life and fostering new, healthy relationships with yourself and others. In the early days of recovery, it’s important to have a support network. Recovery can be challenging, but surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can make the path less lonely and much more fulfilling. The supportive community that can be felt early in recovery is also one of the things that people tend to miss most after completing an initial recovery program.

Why we need community in recovery.

Humans are naturally social creatures. We all crave connection and find meaning in the relationships we build with others. Positive social interactions can decrease stress, elevate our mood, and keep us on track. The healthy personal relationships that can develop from these positive social interactions can help us feel supported in our journey.

Especially at the beginning, recovery can feel lonely. Thankfully, a positive sober community offers a life filled with support systems and opportunities to bond with others in a variety of ways. Whether it’s just sharing common ideals and experiences or working together in physical activities, these communities help to show that we’re not alone and have support in our journey. At The Phoenix, we’re building a community of people focused on coming together to rise together in recovery, while also bonding over the experience of physical exercise and challenge.

Finding community through sober activities.

Why is an active sober community important? Simply put: Because exercise can build more than muscle. Engaging in group fitness activities provides another form of community in your recovery journeyExercising with others not only pushes your body further but also allows you to develop relationships over shared goals and experiences. Forming new habits and hobbies is an integral part of living in recovery, and the added benefits of physical activity are a great way to do that. With the many forms of exercise like CrossFit, hiking, and yoga available at The Phoenix, you are sure to find something you and others can enjoy together while also building interpersonal connections.    

It’s about more than just having a spotter while you lift weights or a friend to run with; an active sober community can help you overcome internal struggles that may arise in your recovery and connect with others that can support you with their shared experience. Not everyone understands recovery and the changes and challenges it can present. Having support from those with similar life experiences can provide an outlet to help us all cope and also offer accountability when needed.

When there’s a community of people to inspire and assist you, you can also develop trust not only in others but also in yourself. A sense of trust allows us to express ourselves openly and honestly and to open ourselves up to new experiences in a safe way. At times, activities that can help us in our recovery can become uncomfortable simply by being something we’ve never done before or tried.  By stepping out of our comfort zones with others, we can build up a skillset to overcome our initial reservations and push ourselves to try new things with the support of others.

Community helps us give back.

We all have a role to play in our recovery, but knowing that we have a network of people to rely on for guidance is comforting. Being part of a community means we can also play a role in the recovery of others. Giving back and supporting others in their journey — and even cheering them along in their physical endeavors — elevates our confidence and self-worth. Cultivating these connections provides its own rewards, keeping us rooted in our purpose and keeping us on the path of recovery. 

Become part of an active community that can support your recovery.

When we push our bodies to new limits, it can be humbling at first. We can physically see where we need to put in work. As we commit to an exercise regimen and gain strength (both physical and mental), the fruits of our labor emerge. 

At The Phoenix, we think this is a great metaphor for living in recovery. The work you put in will reap great rewards, transforming you from the inside out. But that transformation doesn’t have to happen alone. Our mission at The Phoenix is to provide ongoing support and a platform for sober active communities to strengthen individuals who are ready to rise above and thrive in sobriety. Learn more about our mission and see if The Phoenix is right for you.