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5 Recovery Influencers To Follow On Instagram

Recovery is something to celebrate, and it’s proudly celebrated on Instagram. Do a quick search for any recovery-related hashtag and you’ll literally get millions of posts on the topic. While you’re likely to find plenty of inspiration if you sift through them all, you can also get inspiration delivered directly to your feed by following these five recovery influencers who help keep the positive vibes alive. 

Carly Benson



“My mission is to inspire people to bring forth the most epic versions of themselves; to create lives they no longer want to escape that are self-regulated, purpose-driven and intentional.” 

Sober from cocaine and alcohol since August 2008, Carly Benson is an avid traveler, yogi and self-proclaimed self-help junkie. She’s also a certified recovery coach, yoga teacher and founder of @miraclesarebrewing. Business consulting is another service she offers, as are courses that help people change their relationship with alcohol.

Sober Dave



“Sobriety is not a sad consequence, it’s a proud choice.”

A motivational speaker and “Grey Area Drinking Coach,” David Wilson is also a blogger, sobriety advocate and happy husband. Sober Dave started his sober journey in January 2019, and his Instagram posts give the audience a peek into his life after a lifetime of dependency. In addition to coaching and speaking, he also hosts the “One for the Road” podcast. 

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco



“Sobriety is the greatest form of self-love.”

Sharing hope, love, strength and tips for “navigating the rocky, but beautiful road of sobriety” is what recovery coach Kelly Fitzgerald Junco is all about. She shares how she was once the popular, fun-loving party girl – who felt totally dark inside. Since she started building a substance-free life six years ago, that darkness has since given way to lots of brilliant light. Her Sober Senorita website is packed with tons of stories, information and sober resources. 

Dawn Nickel, PhD



Writer and speaker Dawn Nickel doubles as the founder of @she_recovers, a heart-centric nonprofit that extends the support of recovery far beyond social media. The @she_recovers community is a strong one, with 22.2K followers on Instagram and a website featuring a lively podcast, online support and the opportunity to register and attend in-person events. 

“The SHE RECOVERS® Foundation has the power, the passion and the purpose to elicit infinite possibility not only for those of us today, but for all who follow.”

Austin Cooper



“The only thing getting lit this weekend are my fall scented candles.” 

Digital creator Austin Cooper began his recovery journey in 2013, focusing on enhancing his physical and mental health. Three years later, he started his Instagram account to share some of his favorite quotes and positive vibes. His Sober Evolution page has since grown into a brand, and its website features free resources, stories of recovery and the opportunity to attend events and retreats.

Whether you’re sober-curious, newly substance-free or have spent years in recovery, connecting with like-minded people can enhance the journey. Give these five recovery influencers a follow and you’ll see what we mean. Also, feel free to stop by The Phoenix’s Instagram page for fresh content, Phoenix updates, and a little added inspiration.