Couch Towards 5K Community Challenge - The Phoenix

Event Details

March 12th - May 14th

The Phoenix “Couch Towards 5k” is an easy-to-follow training plan that will take you from sitting on your couch towards running a full 5k in 9 weeks – with plenty of benchmarks in between for you to celebrate and find your groove. Sign up for this event through The Phoenix mobile app! 

Once you’ve registered for the challenge, you’ll be redirected to PDF version of the training program. Note: it may take a few seconds for the page to redirect. Please stay on the page so you can access the training program. Once you’ve been redirected, be sure to download the plan so you can follow along over the 9 week training period!

All you need to begin this plan is running shoes, about 10-30 minutes a few days per week, and 9 weeks’ worth of motivation (you’ll have some help with that part). No guesswork needed, just tie your shoes and follow along with the plan.

Let’s cheer each other on!  By joining the challenge, you gain access to a PRIVATE CHALLENGE FACEBOOK GROUP where everyone on the plan can check in and get support from The Phoenix Community. Hear tips, ideas, and more from our squad of volunteers across the country and beyond.

Whether your 9 weeks ends with your first 5K, a PR among many previous 5Ks, or simply a shiny new running habit, you’ve won!  Don’t worry about the finish line yet.  Just take that first step and register today.