Vision Board Workshop - The Phoenix

Event Details

With Catherine Irwin

The New Year is a perfect time to focus on your goals and dreams for 2022, and a vision board is a fun way to intentionally attract what you want in your life. Join us for this Vision Board Workshop to learn different techniques and ways to create your very own vision board.

This special event is led by Phoenix Volunteer, Catherine Irwin, who is passionate about vision boards and loves helping others to create them. She will share her experience and stories while allowing time for participants to create their own vision boards.

Fancy supplies are not required! Simply grab whatever supplies you have easily available at home – paper, poster board, cardboard, manila folder, journal, coloring goodies, magazines, photos, affirmations, paint, etc. Whatever you feel called to use will be perfect; even a paper and pencil would suffice!

Please join us for this fun time of experiential creativity and vision boarding!